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Scottish Charity SC-015947

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We are supported by a team of 25 volunteers and voluntary contributions from local churches, clubs, societies and individuals.



We are members of 


Association of Scottish Talking Newspapers

 Association of Scottish Talking Newspapers


Talking News Federation

Talking News Federation





More about Hamilton Sound

We are the Hamilton and District Talking Newspaper Association and we are registered as a charity with the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator.  Our Registration number is SC015947.

We were established in May 1983 as a result of a community project by the then Junior Chamber Hamilton but since that time we have been managed by a Committee of Trustees and Ordinary Committee Members which include blind and partially sighted people.

Our principal objective is to produce and distribute audio versions of the local printed newspaper, The Hamilton Advertiser, to blind and partially sighted people in Hamilton and surrounding districts.

Our aim is to provide this service totally free of all charges to qualifying recipients.

Due to the conditions relating to the Articles for the Blind Freepost Concession operated by the Royal Mail, to qualify for the postal service listeners must be registered blind or have an impaired level of vision or other disability which prevents the reading of N11 size typeface.  If not registered blind, listeners need to provide a letter of referral from a Social Worker, Doctor, Ophthalmist or Optician or complete an application form which must be signed by one of the aforementioned.

There are no such qualification requirements for listeners to our Internet Services which are also provided totally free of all charges.  You can access or subscribe to all of these services on this web site.

Our funding is derived entirely from voluntary donations from local organisations (clubs, societies, churches etc.) and individuals.  We make no charge to the recipients of our service.

We are members The Association of Scottish Talking Newspapers and The Talking News Federation through which we cooperate and co-ordinate to provide a network of Talking Newspapers across the UK.

We have a team of 25 Volunteers who work tirelessly to produce our weekly news programme - Hamilton Sound.

You can find out more about our team, what we do and how we do it by going to some of the other pages in this section.


Production Process

The Production Process

Meet the team

Meet the team

The Studio

Our Studio