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Presentations (click document name to download zip file containing .pptx file)

  1. Techy Talk Conference 2015 - TN Web Publisher.pptx

Documents (click document name to download)

  1. HSduplicator - User Manual (PDF) - covering pre 2.0.3.x legacy versions

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The information below is presented by our software distribution server which will automatically update and display the latest versions of our software.  Please note that all of our software is designed to run on Windows PCs only and requires a Visual Basic .NET environment to be installed.  If required this will be installed with the application software on your PC.  You need to accept all the warnings and caveats from your operating system and/or security software during installation.  Hamilton Sound (and James B Stewart) are not registered software vendors and will be flagged as not recognised in warning messages.  You must decide whether you trust us or not.


You are strongly recommended to read the documentation thoroughly before installing or using the software.



IMPORTANT - Software Installation (by clicking on the 'Install Software' link) requires use of MS Internet Explorer. Installation using other browsers such as FireFox or Chrome will not work.


The software should run on all currently available versions of Microsoft Windows Operating Systems but has only been formally tested on versions up to and including Windows 7.


Once installed, the software will automatically check for updates and provide an option to install the new version.


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The software and documents appearing on this page are provided by Hamilton Sound for information and use by other Talking Newspapers and other interested parties. Please note that Hamilton Sound will not be responsible for any loss or damage arising from the use of this information or software. However we have taken reasonable care to ensure the accuracy and security of these.