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Listen Up… Sounds like Hamilton Grammar Girls hit the right note with charity success.

Hamilton GrammarOn Monday 12th December 2016, six groups of pupils from Hamilton Grammar School were involved in the final part of their school’s Youth and Philanthropy Initiative (YPI) journey. For the past three years, the school has provided its S5 pupils with the valuable opportunity to participate in the YPI programme, a course which encourages secondary pupils all over Scotland to learn about social issues, charity structure, charity involvement, and how we all have the potential to become philanthropists. Each school taking part gets a chance to compete for a £3000 cheque to donate to their winning chosen charity.

L to R Abbie, Sarah, HeatherAfter class competitions in October, the Hamilton Grammar Final took place in our school over the course of an entire afternoon. All of S5 were in attendance, as were teachers from the school and a number of representatives from various charities. Competing on the day were groups representing six charities which were important to the group finalists: Hamilton Drop-In Centre, Scottish Autism, Ups and Downs Theatre Group, Hamilton Sound and The Haven. The judging panel was made up of the school’s Headteacher Mr Sives, Alistair Cairns (on behalf of YPI Scotland), Andrew Brown (Head Boy) and Fiona Roussis (Head Girl). After six very enthusiastic and passionate presentations, our judges deliberated on a winner for nearly 20 minutes before making their decision. Hamilton Sound were announced as the winning charity, represented by Abbie Mitchell, Heather McLellan and Sarah McLean.

The girls said, “This experience helped us realise how important small charities are to Hamilton and the difference they make to the people who require their services. We still can’t believe the impact this donation will have on our chosen charity, Hamilton Sound. This money has the potential to totally transform the face of the charity and allow them to reach out to so many more people as they currently only receive less than £600 a year from donations. When we informed the Chairman, Jim Stewart, of our achievement, he was lost for words.”

Aileen Lynch - Hamilton Grammar