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Receive Hamilton Sound by Streaming to your PC or downloading to your iPod

Stream or download as MP3 files

You can stream or download any edition of Hamilton Sound from our audio archives.  Simply select the required edition from the list below and click on the relevant Stream or Download option.

Taking the streaming option will automatically open a Playlist File (m3u) held on our server.  This playlist file contains the necessary links to the individual MP3 audio files of the articles comprising that particular edition of Hamilton Sound.  The media player on your computer with which you have associated m3u file types will automatically open and play the programme.  Depending on the controls available in your media player you can start, stop, pause and skip forward and back through the programme.

If you don't currently have a media player installed on your computer we would recommend Microsoft Media Player which you can download free from Microsoft here.  If your media player doesn't automatically start on clicking 'Stream' it probably means that you need to associate m3u files with it.  Instructions on how to do this for Microsoft XP can be found here.  For other operating systems please consult your Operating System's help feature.

Taking the download option will present a Download File dialogue panel to you on which you can select a location on your computer where you wish the file to be downloaded to.  If, for any reason, you don't get a Dowload File dialog panel presented simply right click on 'Download' and select 'Save Target as ....'.  The file will now start downloading and a progress bar will be displayed. When downloading has completed you can choose to open the downloaded ZIP file or open the folder that contains it. The ZIP file will contain the mp3 files for all of the Hamilton Sound tracks for the chosen issue plus an m3u playlist file. Use your usual utility software (normally supplied with your MP3 player) to store these to your portable device.


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