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Receive Hamilton Sound by post


Receive Hamilton Sound by post

Our Talking Newspaper service is free of charge.

Contact us and provide your name and full postal address including post code.  It is also advisable to let us have a contact telephone number.

Listeners using our free postal service can look forward to receiving a padded plastic wallet every week containing a USB Memory Stick on which is recorded the current week’s edition of Hamilton Sound.  It’s usually delivered on a Saturday morning but some listeners with ML3 Post Codes may even receive their wallet on Fridays (the same day as the Hamilton Advertiser’s publication date). 

In order to play the USB Memory Stick containing our prgram you will need a suitable Player equiped with a USB port.  If you are a subscriber to other Talking Newspapers or Talking Book Services you may very well already have suitable playback equipment.  If you don't we can supply a player, specially designed for use by visually impaired people, for a one-off subsidised cost of £40.  We will happily make a home visit to confirm the suitability of your current equipment or to demonstrate our own player.

The postal wallet is padded and has a Velcro™ fastener at one end for easy access and resealing. A clear address panel contains a reversible card with the listener’s name and address on one side and the Hamilton Sound wallet return address on the other. The address card has one corner missing which allows the listener to easily identify which side is uppermost. The Hamilton Sound address is visible if the top right hand corner is missing.

Although our service is free we need confirmation from a suitable person, if you are not registered blind, that the quality your reading vision prevents you from reading N12 type.  This is necessary to comply the regulations relating to the Royal Mail 'Articles for the Blind' concession which facilitates our free postal service.  A doctor, optiician, social worker or other health professional may provide this confirmation.  If we need you to complete a form we will send it with your first copy of Hamilton Sound.


Choose any of the Contact Methods below to apply for our service

  1. Apply on line now - fill in the form below and click the send button.

  2. Contact your local Social Worker for the Blind (see Yellow Pages for a list of local offices) or see our link page for the Hamilton Office. The Social Worker will contact us directly with your details and an endorsed application form.  You don't have to do anything else.

  3. Contact us directly by telephone (24 hour answering machine) on 01698 426707 and leave your full name, address and contact telephone number.

  4. Email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Remember to give us your full name and postal address, including post code, and a daytime contact number.

  5. Print out the application form, enter your details and get it signed by a doctor, ophthalmologist , optician or other health professional who can confirm your inability to read newspaper sized print (N12) due to impaired vision and post it to us at Hamilton Sound, PO Box 20311, Hamilton ML3 3DG.



Member Application Form

You may apply on behalf of someone else but please first obtain their permission for you to do so and also provide your own contact details in the Comments box
Media Required :: USB Memory Sticks contain MP3 audio files and need an MP3 player equipped with a USB port. If you wish us to supply a Memory Stick Player please indicate this in the Comments box below. (Sorry - we no longer supply our program on Cassette Tape)
Registered Blind :: If you are registered blind we can verify this from your Name and Address. If not we will automatically send an Application Form with your first copy.
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