In order to play the USB Memory Stick containing our program you will need a suitable Player equipped with a USB port. If you are a subscriber to other Talking Newspapers or Talking Book Services you may very well already have suitable playback equipment If you don't we can advise on a suitable player specially designed for use by visually impaired people (see Recommended USB Memory Stick Players for more information). We will happily make a home visit to confirm the suitability of your current equipment or to demonstrate our recommended player.

The postal wallet is padded and has a Velcro™ fastener at one end for easy access and resealing. A clear address panel contains a reversible card with the listener’s name and address on one side and the Hamilton Sound wallet return address on the other. The address card has one corner missing which allows the listener to easily identify which side is uppermost. The Hamilton Sound address is visible if the top right hand corner is missing. Each listener has at least two wallets in 'alternate week' circulation to allow sufficient time to listen to the contents from receiving a wallet to returning it to us by our Thusday am deadline.

Due to the conditions relating to the Articles for the Blind Freepost Concession operated by the Royal Mail, to qualify for the postal service listeners must be registered blind or have an impaired level of vision or other disability which prevents the reading of N11 size typeface. If not registered blind, listeners need to provide a letter of referral from a Social Worker, Doctor, Ophthalmist or Optician or complete an application form which must be signed by one of the aforementioned.

There are no such qualification requirements for listeners to our Internet Services which are also provided totally free of all charges. You can access or subscribe to all of these services on this web site (go to Get Hamilton Sound).