Each Thursday the Duty Editor begins with two copies of the Hamilton Advertiser.

Because we couldn’t possibly record every single printed word in the newspaper in under 90 minutes we need to edit the contents and select the material we wish to record. We follow a very strict editing policy which ensures that we select material which satisfies a reasonably representative cross section of our listeners' tastes and interests. We try not to censor and we listen carefully to the feedback we get from our listeners to make sure we continue to get it just about right.

Having selected the articles from each page for recording, the Duty Editor organises these in to the scripts for each reader in the required running order. The editor strives to follow the normal sequence of the articles as they usually appear in the printed paper (e.g. Headlines, General News, Public Information, Intimations, Community and Club News and finally Sport).

By 6.30 p.m. on Thursday evening the editor will have delivered the scripts to our recording studio and the evening team takes over. The 'back office' team will deal with the returned wallets from the previous week’s production. They will open the wallets, extract any messages, check the memory sticks for damage and check the listener’s name off on our returns register.

At the same time, in the studio, the recording team, comprising the duty studio engineer and 3 readers from one of our 4 teams of readers, will get down to the business of recording the program.

When the Master Recording has been completed the program contents are prepared for copying to our listener’s memory sticks and uploaded to our website for on-line access and broadcast.

The listeners’ Memory Sticks are then placed in their wallets and delivered to the Royal Mail Delivery Office, Hamilton first thing on Friday morning in time to catch the 'walk-sort' for local delivery. This ensures that ML3 listeners get ther copy in their Friday mail delivery. Wallets to other post codes need to go to the Glasgow Central Sorting Office for district sorting first and should normally be delivered to most other nearby post codes on Saturday.